Harvey Carr Real Estate



Huge Potential “No-Brainer”

Cheap As Chips  Asking $475K to $485K

If you are a Builder, Handyman or simply looking for that first home or investment you should be running for the phone, because we have what could be the last property ever to be under $500 in the 2777 area, sure it needs some hard work and some money spent on it, but if done wisely you would certainly reap the rewards for around $15k you could have a fully renovated home.
The property is a Masterton built 3 bedroom home, air conditioned situated on a level block of approximately 19 metres frontage by 41 metres deep that’s just under 800 square metres of flat usable land with good side access of roughly 6 metres.
With the medium property price according to realestate.com.au is; $623,250K.
All in all buying this property it would be hard to go wrong

Here are some thought:

Kitchen allow $4K: http://www.kitchenunder2k.com.au/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrO6l1eiZ2AIVhR0rCh1_wA8FEAAYBCAAEgL2DPD_BwE

Bathroom allow $5K:
Messina square complete bathroom package

Floor coverings allow: 2K

Blind Allow $6oo

Tiles allow: $500
Gyprock and timber repairs $2K
Fully renovated under $15K cheaper if you shop around at a guess $11K