Causes of Having a Leaking Shower Base

A leaking shower can make it inconvenient for you to take a bath. A leaking shower base may also be the source of a water leak to get out of your bathroom, and onto the other parts of your house. Being aware of the possible causes of having a leaking shower is the primary resolution in being able to fix the issue as soon as possible. Below are some of the issues that cause a leaking shower: 

  • Building Movement 

Your bathroom’s tiles and cement grout are rigid, and, not flexible materials. A leaking shower base may occur due to the building movement that causes the floor and the wall to split. This situation can have a detrimental effect on the sealant, and, causes the grout to crack and fall off. The gap, then, becomes the source of water that seep beneath the tiles. Once it’s already in that spot, water becomes trapped between the tiles and the waterproof membrane.

  • The Waterproof Membrane Fails 

A waterproof membrane’s purpose is to stop water from penetrating through the background parts of all wet areas in your home, and among those areas, include your balconies. When you hire a waterproofer, make sure they use high-quality items in installing the waterproof membrane. The application of correct procedures in the said installation is also necessary. Following through these practices is the key to avoiding having a leaking shower base. Not applying such practices causes your membrane to incur extra pressure, and for you to have a leaking shower. 

  • The Silicone Sealing Fails 

The existence of silicone seal within the inner junction spots of your shower walls can cause you to incur a leaking shower. The deterioration of the silicone warrants the need to conduct a shower base repair. When silicone begins to detach itself from the wall, or accumulates mould on it, you may begin to have a leaking shower. 

  • Crumbling and Missing Grout

Cement-based grout tends to chip, stain, and become prone to mould. Cement grout is not flexible to any type of building movement. Hence, shower repairs for leaking are necessary when cement grout cracks under the pressure applied. 

  • Plumbing Problems 

Plumbing issues that cause a leaking shower generally come in two forms: the visible leaks from which you can see the water clearly, and the hidden leaks, from which you can see the water behind the walls and underneath the floors. 

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