Must-Have Roofing in Sydney Homes

Your home’s roof is the foundation for keeping you comfortable and safe indoor. With this said, it’s always best to carefully select the material that your roof is made up of. There are various types of roofing in Sydney that may just suit your lifestyle, wants, and needs. Below are some examples of them: 

Colorbond Roofing

Many homes in Australia in general, not only in Sydney, have colorbond steel roofs. Steel roofing in Sydney and Australia comes in different designs. They can be a good fit when paired with any kind of outer cladding and several architectural-based designs. 

Colorbond steel roofs are also corrosion-proof, even if they are close to Sydney’s salty coast of a body of water. Modern steel materials for roofing in Sydney utilize a painted, perfectly polished stainless steel. Such materials aid in avoiding corrosion on these roofs. The majority of the painted roofs shall be able to survive through 20 years of Sydney heat prior to aging out or degenerating. 

Copper and Zinc Roofing 

A copper or zinc roofing is a kind of durable metal roofing that’s more unique, in comparison to its counterparts. Roof replacement of copper and zinc roofing does cost a lot of money. Copper and zinc roof’s price is twice the price, if not more expensive, than that of a steel roof. 

Copper and zinc roofs are offered in accompanying extra labor services rates. Many copper and zinc roofs are made of plywood substrate, and hand-seaming efforts enable the metal to bend, so it can be fastened to the roof. Thus, it joins one panel to the next one. It takes thrice or four times longer to put up copper and zinc roofs, in comparison to steel roofs. 

Terracotta Roof Tiles and Concrete Roof Tiles 

Terracotta roof tiles and concrete roof tiles are similar in many ways. Concrete roof tiles, however, are cheaper and are 20 years more durable. These tiles comprise a combination of sand and cement. Additionally, it utilizes a unique color top layer covering that can be preserved. Meanwhile, Terracotta is made of kiln-fired natural clay and is usually in deep orange-red color. Terracotta tiles can have a life existence of 50 plus years. 

If one of the tiles of terracotta and concrete gets cracked or is damaged, there will be no problem replacing the said tile without having to repair the entire roof. So, terracotta and concrete roof tiles are great replacements for a leaking roof

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